LinkedIn for Business 2023: How to Sell Now (Stream #16 with Chuck Hester)

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LinkedIn is a great place to sell your products because of +690 million users.

For example, Facebook has +2,8 billion but it’s not the same audience with LinkedIn for businesses. 

The minimum age registration on LInkedIn is 16 years. 

More important is that three million users only post content on LinkedIn.

The rest of LinkedIn users still post on Facebook or Instagram. 

That’s why the engagement rate is much higher on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn audience is well-educated and more professional.

There is almost no hate, racism, ageism, sexism, etc.

The connection system allows you to grow your network much faster than on other social media.

Chuck Hester shares his insights on how to sell on LinkedIn and build brand awareness. 

He brings an interactive experience to audiences worldwide, by giving them actionable steps they can use as soon as they get back to the office.