Rob Greenlee

Rob Greenlee

Rob Greenlee stands as a prominent figure in the podcasting and online media landscape, boasting over two decades of experience in content creation, distribution, monetization, and marketing. Currently a Content Creator Partner at StreamYard, Greenlee is at the forefront of shaping live and on-demand audio and video podcasting. His expertise extends beyond content creation, playing a significant role in the expansion of StreamYard’s brand and audience reach through his weekly show, “Podcast Tips with Rob Greenlee,” and his support for podcasting 2.0 tags. His notable achievements include being a 2017 inductee and the Current Chairperson of The Podcast Hall of Fame, as well as his previous roles as a founding chairperson of The Podcast Academy and The Ambies Awards.

In addition to his work at StreamYard, Greenlee is involved in Business Development at Insoundz, a company pioneering in Generative AI Audio Enhancement technology. His role focuses on promoting advanced audio solutions that revolutionize sound capture and processing, demonstrating his commitment to technological innovation in the media space. With a career spanning hosting, producing, consulting, and leading various projects and organizations in the podcasting industry, Rob Greenlee is a respected authority dedicated to empowering podcasters to achieve success with quality and confidence.

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