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Main definitions of Google Ads dynamic glossary:
{keyword} A phrase or element that was used to conceptualize an ad
{placement} click from ad generator i.e. where the click was received from (displays network only)
{creative} ID ads
{network} click source generator i.e. from Google network, search partner/network or displays network
{matchtype} matches type of related keyword: (e)xact, (p)hrasal or (b)road
{adposition} Your ad position displays: i.e. ‘’1t2’’: Ad is @ 2nd position, pg 1
{device} Device that generated click i.e. (m)obile phone, (t)ablet or (c)desktop/laptop
{devicemodel} Specs of device used (e.g., Apple+iPhone), click generated from phone or tablet (displays network only) promotional category listed (for example, traveling or sport)