Link-Kwik (Link Building Search Operators)

This exceptional tool can be utilized by link builders for hassle-free list creation in order to seamlessly search for pages and promotional options, including:

  • Sites, blogs, pages accepting guest posts
  • Directories for website listing
  • Resource pages
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How to use Link-Kwik

Type the keyword you want to find link building opportunities for into the search bar.

Press the “Search” button.

Analyze results for blog posts, directories, and resources on top search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Click any of the links to be taken to a comprehensive list of results on your desired search engine.

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Why use Link-Kwik

Link-building is a proven SEO strategy that improves search engine ranking. It includes both internal and external links. An internal link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website.

External links tell search engines the content on your page is relevant and trustworthy, especially when your links are placed on established sites with high domain authority.

Both are necessary to optimize your overall SEO strategy, but Link-Kwik is used primarily for external links.

The more reputable backlinks your website receives, the better your chances are for increasing your position in the search results pages. However, remember that link-building isn’t necessarily a numbers game.

You should target links from reputable sites rather than spammy or less-reputable sites. For example, if you are a clothing store that specializes in petite fashion, you may want to write a guest blog post for a reputable petite-focused fashion blogger.

This aligns with the audience you’re trying to target and creates mutual value for your store and the blogger. You wouldn’t want to write a guest post for an auto repair store where your content and expertise won’t be relevant to either audience.

If you’re trying to build a healthy backlink profile, it can be cumbersome to research and find reputable sites to reach out to. Additionally, external links are harder to obtain because they have to come from other websites.

Using a tool like Link-Kwik removes the burden of manual link-building research by aggregating a multitude of websites relevant to a search term.

Simply enter your keyword of choice and you’ll instantly be delivered numerous results across different search engines. From there, simply select a link from the results and you’ll be taken directly to the search engine results pages (SERPs) for that term.

For example, if you want to see results for “petite fashion guest post sites”, simply click this link and you’ll be taken to the SERPs for that term.

This streamlines backlink research by taking the guesswork out of the terms you should be searching for to find relevant backlink opportunities. Guest blogging isn’t the only opportunity for obtaining quality backlinks.

Directories, forums, and other types of resources are a great way to build your backlink profile. These are also included in the results any time you complete a search with Link-Kwik.

Google has an overwhelming amount of content to sort and sift through any time you perform a search. Use Link-Kwik as a resource for finding blogs, forums, directories, and more places that allow opportunities for backlinking.

Our link-building search operators will help you narrow down your search results and deliver more tailored results. This tool helps Google find the content that most closely matches your search intent without needing any knowledge of how search operators work.

For example, “allintext:” can be used to search for text that contains every word in your query (except for filler words like “a” or “the”).

Instead of needing to know what exactly this search operator is or how to use it, this tool delivers this result as an option for you.

Quality (White hat links) vs. Spammy (Black hat links)

Google continues to crack down on spam content and deceitful SEO practices. Link building is no different, and rule-breakers are penalized with lower search rankings.

White hat SEO link-building is the process of obtaining quality backlinks. It’s more time consuming to vet out reputable sites, but is worthwhile for your ranking in the long run.

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White hat link-building signals to Google that you’re not taking the easy way out; you’re investing your time into meeting their guidelines. Some examples of white hat SEO include:

Spammy link-building, or black hat link-building, includes deceitful practices that help your website rank higher in the SERPs.

Google advises against these methods, but they’re often the easier way out of link-building and therefore websites still try to cut corners.

However, the repercussions for doing so can cause your rankings to drastically plummet. While it might be easier and less time-consuming, it’s better to avoid black hat SEO techniques, such as:

When in doubt, ensure you’re following Google Search Central’s documentation for the latest on its technical requirements, spam policies, and key best practices.