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Copy keywords from two columns of excel: keywords- and volume columns, and insert into this field.
0/40000 words is your daily limit, depending on your tariff plan. You can increase this limit on your tariff page.

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Add a file with the following formats: *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv.

Extract these files from Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, MOZ, Ubersuggest, SpyFu, Serpstat, etc.

The limit is 40,000 keywords for any once-off grouping.

Keyword Clusterizator doesn’t recognize all file formats when the above resources have changed theirs. There are two options for fixing this:

  • resave the file as a different format, e.g. *.csv or *.xlsx
  • replace unfamiliar symbols
  • simply copy the data from the keyword- and volume columns and insert it into the search field below.

Please note: VPN (Virtual Private Network) and some Google Chrome apps might influence Keyword Clusterizator’s performance. If you receive errors, turn off these apps or do grouping by using an incognito browser.

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Keyword Clusterizator can be used for:

  • Grouping related keywords
  • Grouping related synonyms
  • Quick list cleaning
  • Comprehensive data saving


  • A first from this app is our manual Clusterizator function
  • Supports separate keyword types - Geotagging and sales keywords
  • Easy save and upload of projects
  • Filter in / out required words

How to use the Clusterizator? Clusterizator has a clear intuitive interface. Press the button to see an example of how to fill in the gaps.

  1. List of words lets you paste <40,000 lines of keywords from exchange buffer.
    1. Automatically deletes duplicates, once analyzed.
    2. Autosaves data.
    3. *.Xlsx, *.csv save function.
  2. Exact phrase integration combines words for generating essential composite clusters and phrases that can’t be broken down into individual words. For example, product names or inseparable collocations. Separate phrases with commas. For example: iPhone XS, Samsung S8.
  3. Exclude allows you to clean unnecessary words. Wide and Exact match is supported (throughout “!”). Divide words by commas. An exact match - !word1, !word2. Wide range - word1, word2.
  4. Ignored words list for words that can be omitted, while clustering. Prepositions are automatically ignored. Leave out redundant words like nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  5. Include specific imperatives - list only essential words. For example, you selected semantics for services that contain redundant words.
  6. Related lists synonyms. Divide words by commas, + button adds a new synonym group.
  7. Select frequency - defined, based on amount of words system will clusterize.
    • High - high-frequency queries - group two words. Useful for dividing smaller groups and essential for PPC Advertizing.
    • Midi - Mid-frequency queries - group three words. Used for content creation by bloggers and divides keywords in order to create grouped keyword lists.
    • Low - low-frequency queries - group using 4 matches. Useful when searching for specifically specialized keywords.
    • Micro - micro frequency queries - utilized by high traffic websites. Low frequency semantically compatible - functional for intricate traffic volume.
  8. GEO specs. Tick box - select or unselect geo locations.
  9. Extended clusters for semantics. Divides and groups non-clusterized keywords.

Press button to start analysis.

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Scan results.

Easily delete, omit, select and specify your required and non-required list of keywords by simply ticking the relevant boxes.

File import

Easily copy lists of keywords from other apps and services and paste into the exchange buffer.

Buttons upload

Simply import the file from the system of your choice. Clusterizator supports imported files from different applications, by default:

  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • Serpstat
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword planner

Clusterizator will automatically ask you which columns are to be matched with keywords, volume and traffic, even when working across different platforms.

Saving results Clusterizator allows you to easily save the final results of keywords as well as the entire project.

SAVE (under the field “keywords”) it allows you to save the project for easy access next time. Simply press “Upload” and continue working where you left off.

COPY - easily copies ticked groups and keywords into the exchange buffer, ready for pasting into any document.

Save highlighted files - export to Excel.

Save all - downloads all clusterization results into 1 handy Excel file.

Keyword Clusterizator saves you time and replaces hours of work, allowing you to focus on other, more important tasks.