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I launched my first online project in 2008.

That was an online shop.

My biggest struggle was creating content at scale.

Websites with a few pages don’t have this problem, but my online shop had 10,000+ products.

What a pain!

My next project was an SEO agency that has served web admins since 2012. These admins also complained about the same problem: how to write or update content at scale.

That was a turning point in our quest for solutions.

Let's shine a light on the process of creating content:

Finding and grouping keywords
Planning the structure
Hiring copywriters
Assigning the writing task
Analyzing results

This is not a big issue for small websites but a massive one for big websites.

One solution is to hire a team of specialists to handle this process.

But that’s so expensive!

Luckily, we live in a modern world where AI automation can simplify the process and take away the pain.

Just go to the website listed above and submit your site or a list of URLs.

Our AI tool will analyze your content, provide recommendations, and write text for you.

Simple, right?

Well, not entirely…

While AI tools are great, they are not yet ready to replace professional copywriters who write much better texts.

I am pretty sure that AI can beat mediocre writers, however.

Anyway, our goal is not to replace writers.

We want to help them and all the webmasters who struggle to create content at scale for their websites.

Our tool analyzes existing pages, including titles, descriptions, and texts, with the primary goals of providing valuable recommendations and generating new content.

Your job is to edit the results to improve quality.

AI-generated results are sometimes high-quality, but not always.

While not a 100% replacement for writers, this tool greatly simplifies the experience of updating content.

You don't need to search for keywords, create a structure with a logical flow, and write from scratch.

You just edit the existing results and estimate the score.

Our algorithm gives a score from 0–100.

On average, a higher score = higher results.

But, do not try to achieve the maximum score of 100 if it hurts UX, personalization, or simplicity.

In the end, the score is just an estimation.

Our tool divides content into titles, descriptions, H1, and content.

The title is the shortest but the most crucial part.

Marketing legend David Ogilvy proclaimed:

"On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar."

People are so busy consuming online content that they skim the titles before deciding whether to open it.

Titles should convey a solid reason to continue because users read them to evaluate which content is worthy of their attention.

There are various methods of increasing reader click-through rate (CTR): adding numbers, brackets, symbols, powerful words, etc.

Our tool considers best practices when generating titles.

Descriptions are the second level of convincing users to continue if the title wasn’t enough.

In most cases, descriptions share brief information about the content and play an essential role in increasing CTR.

After the title and description, H1 (the third level) matters because most users look at content for only a few seconds.

They can't read the full content in that short time, but H1 might catch their attention and retain them longer.

Meta tags: title, description, and H1 are essential and often ignored by content creators who spend most of their time writing actual content.

The last level is content, which should have a logical structure and share as much value as possible.

Writing content from scratch is sometimes difficult, however, when you need to gather data, filter out the fluff, and unite with your USP (unique selling proposition).

Our tool takes away a lot of this pain, but not all of it; editing is an important part of the process.

This is true all over; famous authors often have 5–10 editors who check grammar, context, simplicity, etc.

Great writers simply do not have enough time to create large quantities of high-quality writing, but our tool can help you find the best possible unique version that only requires some editing.

Unsatisfied with the results?

No problem. Just regenerate or edit the whole context, which saves you time searching for data and ideas.

I hope you enjoy our AI tool.


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You will lose all changes. Continue?


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