Creating a Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Brand in 2020? (Webinar #8 with Debbie Jollie)

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Most projects fail.

Because they try to overcome the strong side of big and popular brands.

It’s so tough to compete with brands that have huge experience, trust and authority.

You don’t need to compete with them.

Find their weakness where you’re strong.

Big brands cover a lot but they can’t cover everything.

Choose topics that they ignore and jump there.

For example, I love using three strategies:

Searching for topics with a lack of quality content or outdated information
New keywords and trends
Breaking news

On our webinar, Debbie Jollie shares her ways to create the correct strategy that brings high results.

Debbie Jollie is an experienced Sales and Marketing Strategist and Business Development Consultant.

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, she has over fifteen years corporate global experience and over five years coaching and facilitating clients in Australia, the UK, USA and the Caribbean.

Debbie is also a part time lecturer and workshop facilitator for the past fourteen years, at a number of tertiary institutions in Trinidad.

As a business consultant, she helps companies grow by auditing their current marketing strategies and helping them refocus on the areas that really matter- strategy, operations and people.