173. Technical SEO With Nik Ranger

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Nik Ranger 1028 Updated: 01.07.2022
173. Technical SEO With Nik Ranger
Duration: 54:50
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
173. Technical SEO With Nik Ranger

In the near future, the key to becoming an asset of your business is technical SEO.

With the rise of the internet, business was able to increase significantly.

Despite this, there is still no exact figure for how much revenue companies were able to generate.

There were two main reasons for this:

Firstly, customers are still going to buy something from a company regardless of its price or quality.

Secondly, “search engine” still isn’t optimized for the internet and therefore some websites may not be found by the search engines even if their content is attractive enough.

This can be solved with SEO strategies that help you in gaining visibility on more relevant searches with more keywords.

It is important to realize that nowadays people search a lot using different keywords (called “keywords”).

In order to make sure your website will get shown on these searches, it’s necessary to create your own keyword list and analyze

Analytics can work as a marketing tool in many respects such as understanding the content, the SEO and brand positioning.

But all these elements are combined into one and that’s what SEO is all about today.

We have to consider several factors such as Web Analytics data, keyword research tools, seo tools and content generators in relation to each other.

For example, you can use Google Analytics data if you want to understand how much traffic your site gets from a certain keyword which is common on the web or if you want to know how many unique visitors your site gets from this particular keyword.

The graphic above shows that for example there is a lot of traffic coming from this specific keyword (shown at top of graphic).

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