Bart Magera

Bart Magera

I’m Bart Magera, an SEO Specialist based in Phuket, Thailand. I help businesses grow through organic SEO strategies, offering services such as SEO audits, content strategy, optimization, copywriting, link building, and technical SEO. In 2015, I started learning SEO, and my first affiliate website generated over $500k in revenue for I’ve since become a Surfer Certified Expert and launched a successful Surfer SEO-optimized content service. My articles rank on page 1 in Google, covering topics such as finance, SEO, NLP, CBD, health, real estate, soundproofing, music, legal, and technical manuals. I’m also a published author at Niche Pursuits. In my free time, I work out at the gym and play Ultimate Frisbee with friends.

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