Inbar Yagur

Inbar Yagur

Inbar Yagur, the Co-Founder and CEO of Radical: B2B Tech Marketing, stands out as a leader who is deeply passionate about storytelling and imparting knowledge to enhance skills. Her dedication to teaching and empowering others in the field of marketing is a testament to her commitment to professional development and education. With a focus on marketing, leadership, content marketing, product marketing, and a unique approach of radical transparency, Inbar has established herself as a significant figure in the B2B tech marketing sector.

Since September 2023, Inbar has been leading Radical B2B, applying her extensive experience and innovative strategies to drive the company forward. Her leadership at Radical B2B is marked by a commitment to transparent and effective marketing practices that resonate with tech businesses. In addition to her role at Radical, Inbar is also an active member of the G-CMO Forum since July 2018, where she collaborates with other marketing professionals, contributing to the broader marketing community with her insights and expertise. Her dual role as a business leader and a mother adds a unique dimension to her professional persona, embodying the balance between personal and professional life.

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