Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn with Adrian Gamoń (#710)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Adrian Gamoń
Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn with Adrian Gamoń (#710)
Duration: 46:37
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn with Adrian Gamoń (#710)

LinkedIn isn’t just a resume.

It’s a storytelling platform.

Think of Richard Branson.

His LinkedIn presence is a mix of personal insights and professional triumphs.

And it works wonders for his brand.

I’m Anatolii Ulitovskyi, host of the UNmiss podcast.

Today, we’re unraveling LinkedIn’s secrets with Adrian Gamoń.

Adrian knows LinkedIn inside out.

He’s a master of personal branding and marketing.

Let’s talk numbers.

LinkedIn has over a billion users.

But only 1% actively create content.

That’s a sea of untapped potential.

It’s not just about being on LinkedIn. It’s about being active.

Personal branding is the key.

It’s how you stand out.

Be authentic and provide value.

Consistency is crucial.

According to a HubSpot study, consistent branding increases revenue by 23%.

On LinkedIn, this means regular, relevant posts.

But what to post?

Share your professional achievements.

Offer industry insights.

Don’t forget personal stories.

They humanize your brand.

Remember, LinkedIn’s algorithm loves engagement.

Engage with your network—comment, like, and share.

This isn’t just socializing.

It’s strategic networking.

What about LinkedIn articles?

They’re gold for visibility.

Anatolii’s articles often go viral.

They position him as an industry thought leader.

But it’s not just about going viral.

It’s about creating connections.

And these connections open doors.

Job opportunities.


New ventures.

Adrian’s story is proof.

From LinkedIn posts to speaking engagements.

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital handshake.

Make it count.

Adrian’s tips are clear.

Be active.

Be authentic.

Provide value.

Engage with your network.

And always, always stay true to your brand.

Join us for more insights on personal branding and LinkedIn marketing.

Only on UNmiss podcast.

Every episode is an opportunity to learn and grow.

See you next time!


  1. How do I start building my brand on LinkedIn?

Just dive in! Start by sprucing up your profile with a professional photo and a catchy headline. Then, begin sharing content that reflects your professional interests and expertise.

  1. What type of content works best on LinkedIn?

It’s a mix! Share industry insights, personal achievements, and even stories about your professional journey. The key is to provide value and engage your audience.

  1. How often should I post on LinkedIn for effective branding?

Aim for consistency rather than frequency. Posting a couple of times a week is a great start. It’s more about the quality of your posts than the quantity.

  1. Do I need an extensive network to make an impact on LinkedIn?

Not necessarily. It’s more about the quality of connections than the number. Focus on building meaningful relationships with your network.

  1. How can I increase engagement on my LinkedIn posts?

Engage with others! Comment on posts, participate in discussions, and when you post, ask questions or invite feedback. Engagement is a two-way street.

  1. Is it essential to have recommendations on my LinkedIn profile?

Absolutely! Recommendations from colleagues or clients add credibility to your profile. Don’t hesitate to ask for them, especially after successful collaborations.

  1. Should I write articles on LinkedIn?

Yes, if you enjoy writing. Articles allow you to delve deeper into topics and showcase your expertise. They’re great for building your authority in your field.

  1. Can I use LinkedIn for job searching while building my brand?

Definitely! A strong personal brand can make you more attractive to potential employers. It’s a powerful tool for showcasing your skills and experience.

  1. How do I balance professional and personal content on LinkedIn?

The key is relevance. Your content should always have a professional angle, but sharing personal experiences or insights about your work life can make your brand more relatable.

  1. What’s the biggest mistake to avoid on LinkedIn?

Avoid being overly promotional. The goal is to build relationships and share knowledge, not just to sell your services or products. Keep it professional and authentic.

These FAQs offer straightforward, friendly advice tailored to anyone looking to enhance their personal branding and marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

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