5 Tips How to Create a Social Media Portfolio 2023 (Full Guide)

A strong social media presence is important.

There are two main reasons:

  • 70% of customers don’t buy from brands if they don’t engage with them on social media.
  • Over three billion people are on social media.

In this article, I’ll share practical advice on how to build a portfolio on social media.

Anatolii Ulitovskyi
Updated: 23.03.2022

My main service is SEO.

However, I always recommend my customers to build followers on social media.

The main reason is that it has an indirect impact on Google ranking.

People come to your website and check out your social media because they wanna get social proof.

If you have followers and post a lot of engaging content then they trust you.

It’s not only for Google.

You can sell a lot there because everyone spends 30 minutes a day on social media.

Around 68% of all internet users have a social media account.

Number of social network users worldwide

It’s a huge opportunity.

Don’t lose it.

I always kill two birds with one stone – provide social proof and sell on social media.

How to choose your social media?

Read in the next chapter because the best part is coming.

The Best Social Media

I always see when someone fails on social media.

The main reason is that they try to cover a few social media platforms with limited resources.

Don’t do it.

Choose only one if you start from scratch.

In 2020, I registered my Linkedin account.

Today I have over 19,000 followers.

I usually get over 300 followers a day.

However, I couldn’t get 50 followers a day because I tried to promote my content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

So, I stopped it and started to promote my content only on Linkedin and YouTube.

I get six times more followers there because I don’t waste my time with other social media.

Instead of trying to be everywhere – choose one place where you can get much better results.

I chose Linkedin because of a higher level of engagement.

From 675 million users on Linkedin, only 3 million of them post on Linkedin.

The rest of the users continue posting on Facebook or Instagram.

Many users still think that Linkedin is a place for finding jobs.

However, Linkedin has all features that Facebook has.

Brands usually get a 3% engagement rate on Facebook.

On Linkedin, my posts bring over 20%.

That’s why I’m here.

I also promote my YouTube because of the low level of competition.

There are 1,7 billion websites online and only 23 million YouTube channels.

The difference is 73 times.

People are lazy to create video content.

Gen Z and Millenium are willing to consume more video content than text-based.

So, if you have a long-playing strategy, then it’s essential to shoot your videos.

I share my tips on why I choose Linkedin and YouTube.

You might choose TikTok because of the level of engagement.

All platforms have advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the best possible for you and grow there.

Building Portfolio

When you know exactly where you’re going to grow – submit all data:

  • Bio.
  • High-quality photo.
  • About.
  • Other information.

Let’s dive in.

The biggest issue that I see with social media accounts is selfish.

People provide information about themselves.

However, nobody cares about them.

Everyone only cares about themselves.

If you wanna sell, then provide information on why you can help others to decide their problems.

For example, check out my Linkedin profile.

Linkedin profile

I have a unique background.

I made this picture on Iceland.

I also use a high-quality photo of my avatar.

In my bio, you can learn who I am and how I can help: “Marketing consultant | Wanna traffic or sales? Get FREE analysis | YouTuber | Blogger.”

If you scroll down there is other information that explains how I can help.


Don’t write a lot about you, write a lot on how you can help.

I even submit this info in the experience field.

What 76% of customers want to get?

If you analyze my education you still get information that I can help you to promote your projects.


Scroll down and you’ll get social proof about my skills.

Skills and endorsements

I never ask someone to endorse my skills.

Users do it because they get value in my posts.

Scroll down and there are my reviews.


I usually ask for reviews.

In the next chapter, I’ll share my techniques to get reviews on Linkedin.

Keep reading because you learn how to get real sales.

Getting Reviews

Linkedin users always endorse my skills because of getting value.

However, writing reviews takes more time.

That’s why you need to provide personalized value.

I’ll unhide it in this chapter.

95% of customers read reviews before buying.

So, if you wanna sell your products – you need to have it.

I often ask my followers to share their websites in order to get a FREE analysis.

Free analysis

I get around 40 requests a day.

Then my team provides the following information:

  • A list of keywords with metrics
  • UX audit
  • Technical errors
  • Link building tips.

When I send the complete analysis I ask about ordering my service or writing me a recommendation.

On average, people just thank me.

However, some of them order my service and write a recommendation.

It works perfectly fine even if you start from scratch.

Having reviews is essential, but not crucial.

Social proof is more related to the number of your followers and engagement rate.

Let me share how I get it in the next chapter.

The Power of Commenting

I often hear when someone complains to me.

It’s too late to promote on social media.

How to get attention?

If you wanna know, then you should read this chapter.

The best way of getting attention to your profile is to comment on other posts.

I do it every day.

I write over 100 comments a day.

I do it on YouTube and on Linkedin, as well.

The first step that you need to do is to follow influencers in your niche.

The second step is to comment on posts that you get on your dashboard.

Post that have over 10 comments

I usually leave my comment in posts that already have over 10 comments.

Some of my comments get a lot of engagement.

Don’t write something like this: “thanks” or “valuable.”

It doesn’t bring any results.

You need to bring additional value to the posts.

Write 2-3 sentences that help more viewers.

If you help users then they go to your profile to learn more about you.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that people will follow you.

What you need to do, read in my next chapter.

Posting As Maximum As Possible

When I started to learn about Linkedin promotion – I got a lot of useless advice.

Many bloggers recommend posting a few times a week.

No way.

I share how many times you need to post.

I usually post over 10 times a day.

When I have time to post more – I will.

Why should you post a lot?

The main reason is that nobody knows which post brings a lot of engagement.


Linkedin like other social media shows your posts to limited group of your followers.

If these people like, comment, or share your posts then your post extends to others.

However, nobody knows which post engages more.

That’s why I should post a lot in order to figure it out.

Some of my posts bring more views than a number of my followers.

Views of posts

Wanna get results – then post as maximum as possible.

Don’t try to sell in your posts – just bring value.

People have a feeling guilty.

If they get something for free they wanna give something back.

So, they share your content or buy your products.

I don’t sell on my posts.

Customers reach out to me because they see that I know marketing.


Social media is a huge opportunity today to sell your products.

It doesn’t matter you wanna sell on your website or any other platforms – you need to have a social media presence.

Don’t try to cover all social media with limited resources.

Choose one platform where you feel more confident and delegate the rest of social media for other experts.

Forget about selling on social media – bring value first.

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