Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz

I specialize in helping green/social entrepreneurship businesses and organizations create and market profitable products and services that address hunger, poverty, war, racism, climate change, and pandemics. I can help discover new markets, create win-win-win partnerships, and even develop and market a book to build personal brand and platform.

My philosophy is that the world is abundant, and competitors can be allies, while environmental, social, and governance (ESG) can create profit centers. I believe that businesses can thrive while addressing these challenges and help you develop your current and future path towards making a profitable difference.

I work to create a culture, products, and services based on profitable transformational social/environmental change while developing and delivering messaging that makes prospects eager to support your business. I can help you communicate strategically and effectively, from a Tweet to a book, and turn your business into a powerful lever to create the world we want while achieving business success.

Some examples of my work include helping the creator of software for green residential buildings and a social network to franchise these tools globally, helping the inventor of a cell-phone-size solar lamp target multiple markets, devising a win-win-win way for a pizza shop to create youth jobs and skills training, and suggesting marketing for a conference center based on its history as “sacred ground” to activists.

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