Ryan Paul Gibson

Ryan Paul Gibson

Ryan Gibson helps B2B marketers run better customer research interviews.

He uncovers Why & How people are really buying.

After working with him you will have:

* A list of the business triggers & motivations for your target buyer (ICP)

* Clarity & consensus on why customers are choosing you.

* Fresh messaging, campaign & copy ideas.

* Insights on how to spend marketing $$$

* Possible solutions and action items for each insight

* A reversed engineered buying journey, in the words of your ideal client


There are three ways:

* He can run a turnkey research project for you ($$$)

* He can interview your customers & hand over the content ($$)

* He can teach you how to do it ($)


He’s logged 20+ years in Marketing, Branding & Communications.

He spent 3 years working as an investigative reporter.

He’s interviewed over 1600 people in my career.

He’s worked with over 100 businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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