Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig

I’ve helped companies acquire +100M users (total) in the last 10 years.

Articles, podcast interviews, presentations, and videos:

Top SEO expert in 2020 and 2021:

Mentor at

– German Accelerator

– Impact (Business France)

– Founders Embassy

– Plug and Play

Speaker at:


– Online Marketing Rockstars Hamburg

– SEO4Life (March 2020)

– Ryte better together (May 2020)

– TTT Live (May 2020)

– Oncrawl SEO Spacelab (April 2020)

– Growth Europe Summit (June 2020)

– Peak Ace (May 2020)

– SEO Campixx, Berlin, Germany (March 2020)

– Advanced Search Summit; Napa, CA (April 2019)

– Growth Club OWL; Bielefeld, Germany(February 2019)

– Optimisey; Cambridge, UK (January 2019)

– Tech SEO Boost; Boston, MA (November 2018)

– Digital Summit Kansas City, MO (May 2018)

– Digital Summit Salt Lake City, UT (March 2018)

– TheFamily; Berlin, Germany (November 2017)

– Digital Summit Denver, CO (June 2017)

– Invision; Düsseldorf, Germany (March 2016)

Specialties include:

Growth, SEO, Data Analytics, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, User-acquisition, Paid Search, Social Media marketing, E-Mail marketing, Community building, Land & Expand, Inbound marketing, Content marketing, Writing, Copy, Landing page optimization, user experience optimization, demand generation, SEM, user acquisition, retention, monetization, product marketing, branding, e-commerce, SaaS, marketplaces

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