Jalali Hartman

Jalali Hartman

Meet Jalali, a visionary tech wizard who loves inventing game-changing technology products and companies. Since he first dipped his toes in the tech world back in 1999, he’s had a fascinating journey of ups and downs, making and learning from mistakes, and generating over $1 billion in new revenue.

Jalali is the proud co-founder of five tech businesses: Infopia, MECLABS, Yovia, Robauto, and HoneyBadger Controls. His expertise ranges from eCommerce and A/B testing to social media, AI, and Robotics.

His innovative work hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s scooped up some major awards, including eBay’s Innovator of the Year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Award, and he was even nominated for a National Medal of Honor. Give a round of applause to Jalali, the tech maestro who never stops innovating!

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