Tech’s Billion-Dollar Mind: Jalali’s Journey (#682)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Jalali Hartman
Tech’s Billion-Dollar Mind: Jalali’s Journey (#682)
Duration: 51:16
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Tech's Billion-Dollar Mind: Jalali's Journey (#682)

E-commerce evolution.

A/B testing magic.

Social media revolutions.

AI and Robotics.

This episode has it all.

A billion-dollar revenue from tech innovation?

It’s not a fairy tale.

It’s Jalali Hartman’s reality.

As a Strategic Growth Manager and serial entrepreneur, Jalali has been the brain behind technology products and companies since 1999, changing the game in multiple industries.

Growth isn’t just a buzzword. 

It’s the result of relentless innovation and intelligent failures. 

Jalali’s story isn’t unique because of its success but because of its resilience. 

His journey with technology products across eCommerce, A/B Testing, and AI showcases a path where enduring through failures is as vital as celebrating wins.

Did you know? 

Influenced by AI, eCommerce can see a 15% increase in conversion rates through personalization alone. 

Jalali’s expertise in A/B testing aligns with data showing that companies using these strategies can improve their decision-making by 6 to 10 times.

And as for robotics?

The industry is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of over 25% by 2025.

Meet Jalali Hartman, the innovator.

From creating pioneering technology with Infopia to steering the course at MECLABS, Yovia, Robauto, and HoneyBadger Controls, he’s not just made products—he’s made history.

And yes, that includes collecting accolades like the eBay Innovator of the Year and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Award.

In this episode, we’re going beyond buzzwords.

We’re diving into actual stories, tangible successes, and the gritty reality of entrepreneurship in technology with Jalali.

Join us to uncover the insights of a visionary who’s seen it all and is still forging ahead.

Get ready to be inspired.

To learn.

To rethink what you know about technology’s role in business growth.

Because when Jalali talks, it’s not just about the past—it’s about the future we’re all heading towards.

So tune in, turn up the volume, and get ready for a conversation sure to spark ideas, innovation, and maybe even the next big breakthrough.

This is a UNmiss podcast—we don’t just talk about change; we talk with those who make it happen.

Subscribe and tune in because missing this would be missing a piece of the future.


  1. What exactly does a Strategic Growth Manager do?

They’re the maestros of business expansion, turning strategic planning into actual revenue and growth.

  1. How does AI impact eCommerce?

AI transforms how we shop online, from personalized recommendations to smart customer service bots.

  1. Can A/B testing really make a difference?

For sure, it’s like the secret sauce for finding out what works best on your website or app.

  1. What’s driving the growth in AI and robotics?

It’s a combo of advanced tech, better data, and, honestly, our love for all things smart and automated.

  1. How do failures contribute to success in tech?

Each stumble is a step forward. Failures teach what not to do next time, refining the road to success.

  1. What role do patents play in technology?

Patents are like a treasure map to innovation, protecting new ideas so creators can benefit from their inventions.

  1. Is there a future for AI in small businesses?

Absolutely, AI is becoming as standard as a website—every small business will likely use it in some form.

  1. What are some must-know trends in technology for entrepreneurs?

Keep your eye on machine learning, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They’re not just buzzwords; they’re business game-changers.

  1. How important is it for a tech company to innovate constantly?

It’s do or die, really. In tech, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

  1. What’s one piece of advice for entrepreneurs trying to leverage tech?

Stay curious and flexible. The tech world changes fast, and the best entrepreneurs use that to their advantage.

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