Unraveling the Mysteries of Technical SEO with Olivian Breda (#654)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Olivian Breda
Unraveling the Mysteries of Technical SEO with Olivian Breda (#654)
Duration: 46:24
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Unraveling the Mysteries of Technical SEO with Olivian Breda (#654)

Ever feel like Technical SEO is a maze?

Trust me, I get it.

But there was this one time.

I fixed a crawlability issue on my site.

Guess what?

Organic traffic spiked 20% in two weeks!

Want similar results?

You’ll love our latest episode featuring Olivian Breda.

Why Technical SEO is Non-Negotiable

Look, basic SEO isn’t enough anymore.

Remember, Google has over 200 ranking factors!

According to a Backlinko study, the number one result in Google’s organic search has an average CTR of 31.7%.

What helps you get there?

  • Crawlability: Google should find your pages effortlessly.
  • Load Speed: The quicker, the better. A one-second delay can lead to a 7% drop in conversions.
  • Mobile Optimization: Over 55% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Technical SEO is your secret weapon.

Where to Begin: The Checklist

Confused where to start?

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

  • XML Sitemaps: Your roadmap for search engines.
  • Robots.txt: Tell search engines which pages to crawl and not to crawl.
  • Structured Data: Enhances your search snippets.
  • SSL Certificate: For secure and encrypted connections.

Nail these basics, and you’re halfway there.

Don’t Just Trust Your Instincts, Validate!

Feeling confident?

Hold on.

Ever heard of Google Search Console?

It gives you a performance review straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • Index Coverage: Keeps tabs on how many pages are indexed.
  • Mobile Usability: Check if your mobile site is up to par.

Make it a habit to check regularly.

When to Seek Professional Help

Let’s be honest.

Technical SEO can be overwhelming.

If your site is large or complex, consult experts like Olivian Breda.

It’s not just about quick fixes.

It’s about long-term success.

Your Takeaway

Here’s the deal.

We’ve got Olivian Breda on our latest episode to dive deeper into Technical SEO.

So why not get the best insights from one of the best in the industry?

Ready to transform your website’s performance?

The numbers back it up.

Your business needs it.

Join us for this game-changing episode.

Start now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technical SEO

  1. What exactly is Technical SEO?

Great question! Think of Technical SEO as the foundation of your website. All the behind-the-scenes stuff like site speed, mobile optimization, and indexing helps search engines read your site better.

  1. Why is crawlability important?

Crawlability is crucial because it’s how search engines find your web pages. If they can’t find them, they can’t index them, which means they won’t appear in search results.

  1. What’s an XML Sitemap, and do I need one?

An XML Sitemap is like a roadmap for search engines. It lists all the essential pages on your site. And yes, you need one to improve your site’s crawlability and indexing.

  1. How do I check my site speed?

You can use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix. These tools not only tell you how fast your site loads but also give you tips on how to improve it.

  1. What is structured data?

Structured data is code you put on your website to help search engines provide more informative results. Have you ever seen star ratings or product prices directly in the search results? That’s structured data at work.

  1. How important is mobile optimization?

Super important! More than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Google uses mobile-first indexing, so you’re missing out big time if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

  1. What’s robots.txt?

It’s a simple text file that tells search engines which pages on your site they can or can’t crawl. It’s like a “No Trespassing” sign for some regions of your website.

  1. Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate encrypts data between your site and your visitors. It’s vital for security and boosts your ranking, as search engines consider it a mark of trust.

  1. Is page content a part of Technical SEO?

Not really. While content is crucial for SEO, Technical SEO mainly focuses on improving the site structure and other backend functionalities that help search engines crawl and index your site more efficiently.

  1. When should I seek professional help for Technical SEO?

If your site is large and complex, or if you’ve implemented basic fixes and still aren’t seeing results, it’s time to consult an expert. They can perform a comprehensive audit and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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