Where Do I Rank On Google? (Use 5 SEO Free Tools)

You might search your keywords on Google.

It’s time-consuming.

Even worse, the getting data is inaccurate.

Read the whole article to learn a fast way.

Anatolii Ulitovskyi

You get inaccurate ranking positions when you check out manually keywords on Google.


Because Google considers the following factors:

  1. Your location. 

If you search for relevant keywords in your office, then Google can show your results in the top-10.

Other users get different results because their location is far away from your office.

  1. Cookies or browsing history. 

You often open your website.

That’s why Google considers that content is interesting for you to rank higher.

Other users open various other websites and have pretty different browsing histories.

Time is the most priceless asset ever.

Instead of searching manually, provide this tricky job for online tools.

The better news is that there are plenty of free tools.

Let me unhide them.

Google Search Console (GSC)

This tool is a must-have.

GSC provides a lot of valuable insights, including ranking positions and traffic.

Forget about manual search.

Learn how it works.

Open GSC and sign in to your Google account.

If you open the first time then you should click the button “Start now” and follow all steps.

Click the button start now

The final result should provide a bunch of insights for your website:

Bunch of insights for your website

Click the “Performance” tab and analyze your total clicks, impressions, the average CTR and position.

Performance tab

Scroll down and learn all these insights for specific keywords.

Insights for specific keywords

Click the tab “PAGES” to get data for each page on your website.

Data for each page on your website

It’s very simple to use.

You can’t find more accurate data than on GSC.

There are two more tools that provide ranking positions for Bing and Yandex:

  1. Bing Webmaster provides a full website data and search analytics for Bing keywords manually
  2. Yandex.Webmaster helps to get ranking positions in Yandex.

Do we need to use other tools?

Yes, because they have other advantages, as well.

The best review tools are coming.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Rank Checker

This website has a bunch of FREE tools.

One of them is keyword rank checker.

There are pros and cons of using them.

This chapter unhides them for you.


You can see the cons immediately.

Keyword rank checker

Annoying advertisement is everywhere.

So, the website monetizes free tools by selling paid ads.

The pros is 100% FREE.

Scroll down the page and submit your website and keywords (the limit is only 10 keywords).

Submit your website and keywords

The next step is to scroll down more, click “I’m not a robot”, and “Check Position”.

Click i`m not a robot and check position

I got these results:

Data with keyword rank checker

Let’s compare data with GSC for my website.

Compare data with keyword rank checker and with gsc

One keyword has the same position, four keywords are closed to each other, 5 keywords are far away from that and out of the top-10, according to this tool.

It’s up to you to use this tool or not.

I’m going to show in the next chapter on how to use freemium tools for FREE.


Neil Patel has a great tool.

This tool is freemium.

I’m going to uncover free ways of using it.

You won’t pay any money to Neil.

Open Ubersuggest and sign in with your Google account.


Then choose “Competitive Analysis”, “Keywords by Traffic”.

Add your website and click “SEARCH”.

Keywords by traffic

Scroll down and check out results.

Keywords by traffic results

There are some free limits and data is inaccurate but it’s still FREE.

Let’s go to another almost freemium tool.


It’s another well-known freemium tool.

You should pay for most features.

However, you can analyze some ranking positions for free.

Learn on this chapter how you can do it.

Open Moz keyword explorer.

Type your domain name and click “Search keywords now.”

MOZ keyword explorer

Register account.

Register account

Then discover your ranking keywords.

Discover your ranking keywords

Other paid tools provide some limited free versions, as well.

Freemium Tools

Many paid tools have extended free limits.

These tools demand registrations that takes a few minutes.

Wanna save money?

Then this chapter is for you.

Find the whole list of keyword ranking tools on my extened list by filtering “Rank Trackers”, “Freemium.”

List of keyword ranking tools

Similarweb is a good tool to check out traffic on a website.

The main disadvantage is that this tool doesn’t show results for small websites, including mine.

I prefer using the free extension for Google Chrome.

It helps to analyze data for one click.


Serpstat provides ranking positions for 10 keywords after registration.


Here is the thing how you can get more.

Add the target page from a website to get new 10 keywords.

10 keywords on the target page from a website

I’m pretty sure you can play such a game with other tools, as well.


GSC is still the best tool for ranking your keywords.

Advantages are:

  1. 100% free.
  1. Accurate data.
  1. Additional features: traffic, technical errors, UX, PageSpeed Insights, etc.

Disadvantages are: 

  1. You can’t analyze competitors
  1. The absence of parameters: keyword difficulty, page authority, etc. The full picture of these parameters provide paid tools or limited versions of freemium tools.


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