Empowering Voices: Employer Branding with Patrick De Pauw (#748)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Patrick De Pauw
Empowering Voices: Employer Branding with Patrick De Pauw (#748)
Duration: 46:25
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Empowering Voices: Employer Branding with Patrick De Pauw (#748)

Employer branding is the heart of a company’s identity.

Take Google’s story, for instance.

Their focus on employee wellbeing and culture has made them a magnet for top talent.

This success highlights the power of a strong employer brand.

Welcome to the UNmiss podcast. I’m Anatolii Ulitovskyi.

Today, Patrick De Pauw joins us to discuss employer branding and the impact of employee voices.

Understanding Employer Branding

Employer branding is more than a buzzword.

According to LinkedIn, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agree that employer brand significantly impacts hiring.

Patrick explores why employer branding is crucial for attracting and retaining talent.

The Voice of Co-Workers as Fuel

Employees are the best brand ambassadors.

A study by Glassdoor reveals that 69% of job seekers would not take a job with a company with a bad reputation, even if unemployed.

Patrick discusses how employees’ voices can make or break your employer’s brand.

Do’s and Don’ts in Employer Branding

Crafting an employer brand is a delicate process.

Patrick shares practical do’s and don’ts, drawing from real-world examples and experiences.

Learn what works and what to avoid in building a compelling employer brand.

Real Stories of Employer Branding Success

Success stories inspire.

Patrick recounts tales of companies who’ve mastered their employer brand, showcasing the tangible benefits of getting it right.

Creating a Culture That Speaks Volumes

Culture is the foundation of your employer brand.

Patrick explains cultivating a workplace culture that naturally promotes your employer’s brand.


Join us for an enlightening episode with Patrick De Pauw on the UNmiss podcast.

Discover the transformative role of employer branding and how to harness the power of your employees’ voices.

Learn from Patrick’s insights and expertise and take a step towards shaping your company’s future.

Your company’s next chapter starts with its people. Let’s explore how to write it together.


  1. What is employer branding?

Employer branding is how a company markets itself to potential employees. It’s about creating a positive workplace image to attract and retain top talent.

  1. Why is the voice of coworkers important in employer branding?

Coworkers’ experiences and opinions shape the company’s image as an employer. Their genuine insights provide a realistic view of the work culture, influencing potential candidates’ perceptions.

  1. How does a strong employer brand benefit a company?

A strong employer brand attracts better candidates, reduces hiring costs, and improves retention. It also boosts employee morale and engagement, leading to better overall performance.

  1. Can social media impact employer branding?

Absolutely! Social media is a powerful tool for employer branding. Sharing stories and experiences from current employees can create a more relatable and authentic brand image.

  1. What are some dos and don’ts of employer branding?

Do showcase real employee stories and promote a positive work culture. Don’t fabricate or exaggerate claims about your workplace. Authenticity is key.

  1. How can a company measure the effectiveness of its employer brand?

Measure it through employee retention rates, quality of new hires, and feedback from employee surveys. Online reputation on platforms like Glassdoor also provides insights.

  1. Should small businesses also focus on employer branding?

Definitely. Even for small businesses, employer branding can help attract the right talent and establish a strong presence in the job market.

  1. How often should a company update its employer branding strategy?

Regularly review and update your strategy to reflect any changes in company culture, employee benefits, or the overall work environment.

  1. What role does company culture play in employer branding?

Company culture is at the heart of employer branding. It’s what differentiates one workplace from another and can be a major draw for potential employees.

  1. How can employer branding help in times of a hiring freeze?

Even during a hiring freeze, maintaining a strong employer brand keeps the company desirable to future candidates and helps retain current employees.

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