Bridging the Divide: SEOs and Engineers Unite (#753)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Sheikh Mohammad Bilal
Bridging the Divide: SEOs and Engineers Unite (#753)
Duration: 49:33
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Bridging the Divide: SEOs and Engineers Unite (#753)

The digital world thrives on collaboration.

Yet, the gap between product engineers and SEOs has often seemed like a chasm.

Take the story of a tech startup that saw a 70% increase in organic traffic after engineers and SEOs started working together on site architecture.

This isn’t just a success story; it’s a roadmap for others.

Welcome to the UNmiss podcast. I’m your host, Anatolii Ulitovskyi.

Joining us today is Sheikh Mohammad Bilal, an expert in closing the gap between product engineers and SEOs.

Understanding the Gap

The divide is more than just technical.

A study by Moz showed that 80% of SEO recommendations require developer intervention, yet half are never implemented.

Sheikh Bilal discusses the root causes of this divide and how to address them.

Collaboration is Key

Successful projects hinge on collaboration.

Forbes reports that companies fostering collaboration between departments are 5 times more likely to experience a considerable increase in employment.

Sheikh Bilal shares strategies for effective teamwork between engineers and SEOs.

Communication Strategies

Practical communication bridges gaps.

Research indicates that clear communication can increase project success rates by 50%.

Sheikh Bilal talks about communication techniques that enhance understanding and project success.

Integrating SEO with Development

SEO should be integral, not an afterthought.

Integrating SEO considerations from the start can reduce rework and increase efficiency.

Sheikh Bilal provides insights on making SEO an integral part of the development process.

Tools and Technologies

Some tools can help.

The right technology can make collaboration easier, from shared project management software to SEO audit tools.

Sheikh Bilal recommends tools that foster cooperation between engineers and SEOs.


Tune in for an insightful discussion with Sheikh Mohammad Bilal on the UNmiss podcast.

Learn how to bridge the gap between product engineers and SEOs for better project outcomes.

Discover the keys to collaboration, communication, and integration in the digital world.

This conversation could be the catalyst for transforming how your teams work together.


  1. Why is there often a gap between SEOs and engineers?

It’s mainly because they speak different languages. Engineers focus on how things work, while SEOs concentrate on how content is discovered. Bridging this gap means translating SEO priorities into technical requirements and vice versa.

  1. How important is collaboration between SEOs and engineers?

Super important! Without it, you might end up with a technically perfect site that no one can find or a highly optimized site that’s unstable. Collaboration ensures the site is both discoverable and functional.

  1. Can SEO considerations influence web development?

Absolutely. SEO insights can guide the site’s architecture, improve page speed, and ensure mobile-friendliness, significantly impacting the site’s usability and search engine ranking.

  1. What’s one thing engineers wish SEOs understood better?

Engineers with SEOs understood the complexities and time required for implementing changes. What seems like a simple fix on the surface can involve layers of coding and testing.

  1. And what do SEOs wish engineers understood?

SEOs wish engineers appreciated the urgency of SEO recommendations. Search engines won’t wait for us to get our act together, and delays can mean lost visibility and revenue.

  1. How can the two teams communicate more effectively?

Regular meetings and shared tools or platforms can help. Also, creating a common language or documentation set that both teams understand can bridge communication gaps.

  1. What’s a typical project where SEOs and engineers must collaborate closely?

Site redesigns are a classic example. This is where SEOs can ensure that the new design doesn’t lose the SEO equity the site has built up, and engineers can ensure the site runs smoothly.

  1. Are there tools that can help these two teams work together?

Yes, project management tools like Asana or Jira, communication platforms like Slack, and SEO tools that offer developer-friendly recommendations can help foster better collaboration.

  1. What’s a straightforward way to improve the relationship between SEOs and engineers?

Start with education. Engineers learning SEO basics and vice versa can foster empathy and understanding. Workshops or shared training sessions can be a great start.

  1. Can better collaboration between SEOs and engineers impact a company’s bottom line?

Definitely. A site that ranks well and offers a great user experience can lead to more traffic and conversions, directly affecting a company’s revenue. It’s all about working together to create the best product for users and search engines.

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