Tal Florentin

Tal Florentin

For more than 20 years now Tal Florentin has been mastering the different aspects of the meeting point between technology and people – starting as a software engineer and moving into UX design. 

Throughout the last 13 years, he has been designing around 200 digital products for top 500 companies.

In addition to leading UX design processes, he has teaching UX design and helping people become UX designers.

He founded UXV – the Israeli UX certification program with more than 600 graduates who have been leading the local UX industry over the last decade. 

He wrote the book “The UX Design” (Hebrew) which was also published in various forms in English and Chinese. 

During the last decade, he’s been working closely with Crowd Sourcing platforms such as Upwork.

Figuring out a secret formula of how to grow a company with a team of freelancers and create outstanding productive relationships was the trigger for writing my second book – “UpWorking”, which will soon be published.


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