Rishabh Dev (Rish)

Rishabh Dev (Rish)

I founded the digital marketing agency Mapplinks in 2012 and Mapplinks Academy for entrepreneurs and marketers in 2016. Over the past 12 years, I’ve consulted over 50+ startups and businesses on growth and marketing.

I published my first book, ‘101 Ways to Grow Your Startup’ in 2019. You can find it on Amazon.

In 2022, I started Edupops, a social media app with short videos for learning. Edupops has raised pre-seed from Antler Vietnam, and we’re looking to raise our next seed round in early 2023.

Learn more at edupops.com

I also create online courses and content on digital marketing, startup growth, and productivity. You can find my courses on SkillShare or on Mapplinks Academy at academy.mapplinks.com.

In my weekly newsletter, Growthnation, I share my learnings as well as actionable tips and insights for entrepreneurs and marketers. You can join my newsletter at rishdev.com.

You can find me on YouTube at youtube.com/mapplinks. I post videos on Startups and Marketing on my YouTube channel every week.

Topics covered: Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Ecommerce Marketing, D2C Strategies, Growth Marketing, B2C Consumer Tech Startups, Creator Economy, Social Media, Performance Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Organic Growth, Startups and Productivity

Key highlights:

  • Worked with 60+ businesses and startups on their growth campaigns
  • Trained 15,000+ entrepreneurs and marketers through my growth marketing courses
  • Author of the book ‘101 ways to grow your startup’ which is available on Amazon and Google Play
  • Keynote speaker at 50+ events across the globe

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