Richard Parkes

Richard Parkes

Richard Parkes helps business start ups and organizations fill their pipelines with quality leads that turn into customers. What you get is a dedicated team to prospect for you and help you acquire customers.

He is one of the leading LinkedIn Trainers in Australia; New Zealand; Europe and the UK – helping business owners, salespeople, companies, individuals and groups to understand and use the social media sphere and to create a sales funnel to make sales using LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Zoom.

Richard Parkes have conducted since 2018 and continue to do many webinars and gained clients and business partners in Japan; New Zealand; Australia; USA; Canada; Germany, France Portugal; Ireland and Spain together with of course the UK

These webinars have been conducted as a business coach; LinkedIn coach; FaceBook coach; YouTube coach and Instagram coach as well as an everyday essential services strategist and social media sphere strategist.

Check out the whole list of his specialties:

  • Everyday Essential Services Strategist 
  • Social Media Sphere Strategist
  • Social Media Sphere Speaker
  • Everyday Essential Services Speaker
  • LinkedIn Marketing Specialist
  • LinkedIn Coach
  • Facebook Marketing Specialist
  • Facebook Coach
  • FaceBook Ad Strategist
  • LinkedIn Ad Strategist
  • Instagram Strategist
  • Twitter Strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • SEO Coach
  • PhotoShop Coach

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