Neville Medhora

Neville Medhora

Neville Medhora is a renowned owner of Kopy Group, LLC, and a recognized figure in the realms of copywriting and content marketing. With over nine years at the helm of Kopy Group, Neville has developed a reputation for his expertise in crafting compelling content and strategies that resonate with audiences.

His venture, which includes and, started as a side project at AppSumo, driven by a significant interest from email subscribers curious about the persuasive power of his writing style. The CopywritingCourse, a blend of free and paid content including videos, tutorials, templates, and community sessions, has become a pivotal resource for businesses seeking to improve their copy and conversion rates.

In addition to his work with Kopy Group, Neville has made substantial contributions as an advisor to various companies.

He has been involved with Dog Central, promoting breed-specific dog products through a network of websites and eCommerce stores since 2020. His role at Sumo Group, where he has been an advisor since 2014, involves working on software that aids in email collection for websites, turning it into a suite of tools for effective online marketing. Similarly, his involvement with AppSumo since 2011 and his creative input in the creation of the ‘512 lbs Sumo character’ showcases his unique approach to marketing and product promotion.

Neville’s expertise extends to advising RealSavvy, a software provider for real estate agents, and Pink Java Media, a network of soap opera blogs and forums. His influence in shaping the content and tone of The Hustle, a tech news daily email newsletter, further underlines his skill in engaging content creation. In his personal blog, NevBlog, Neville has been sharing his journey and experiments in business and life since 2004, marking him as a pioneer in the financial blogging space.

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