Mohit Tater

Mohit Tater

Mohit Tater is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant with business experience worldwide. He is the Founder and CEO of a successful micro private equity firm, BlackBook Investments, and an expert in alternative asset classes, having generated phenomenal ROI for his clients over the past few years.

At BlackBook, we focus on acquiring, managing, and growing a diversified portfolio of established online businesses. We are looking to connect and build relationships with online business owners in evergreen niches who are motivated to sell and savvy investors looking to buy and invest in high ROI online businesses.

The businesses we invest in or acquire must be profitable, scalable, and have predictable revenue streams in the following business models: SaaS, E-commerce, Service, Affiliate, and Display advertising. We target undervalued businesses and underserved markets where we can leverage our unique abilities to grow revenues and profits for the long term. Through creative deal structures, optimizing operational efficiencies, and executing innovative growth strategies, our goal is to maximize ROI while minimizing downside risk for our investors and us.

We are a proud partner of Flippa (as a Broker) and Empire Flippers as an operator on their Empire Flippers Capital program.

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