Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram

Matt Bertram is a Digital Strategist.

He spends most of his day caught in online client data trying to discover better ways to optimize for higher Google Rankings and better demand generation strategies for the brands.

SEO & Online PR are the single most important factor which helps customers or new users online find you online.

He enjoys the combination of where data meets behavior analysis.

It’s a puzzle to me that we try to figure at EWR Digital.

Online Marketing is hands down the most powerful sales tool ever invented, and will continue to have the greatest impact on our life’s.

Businesses big or small business should aggressive capitalize on this trend as it matures, as it has for the last 20 years. (Get ready for Web 3!)

He has seen in the circles of business owner friends that he runs with that many have become wildly successful over the last 5 years, and all of them had, in some form or fashion invested heavily in digital marketing & SEO to grow their business.

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