Marcelo Beilin

Marcelo Beilin

I’m a digital marketer at heart. Since the early days of Google, I became fascinated by the radical online transformation that was about to happen in the offline world, and became an avid student of search engine marketing — I’m such a nerd that I even geeked out on Google patents, just for fun 😉

Fast forward to now, and at about 6 billion searches per day, Google has become the largest repository of consumer marketing information ever compiled in the history of the world.

What I do for a living is to leverage my digital marketing expertise coupled with my inside-baseball knowledge of the Google search algorithm to help SaaS companies rank as many search terms as possible on the first page of Google search results (the only page that can be monetized at scale.)

What I will do for your company if you’d like to work together is:

1) Analyze your target customers (using demographic and psychographic data) to find out how they interact with Google search so we can drive them to your site at volume

2) Analyze your competitors’ content marketing strategy, so we can take advantage of their search weaknesses to outrank them

3) Use this information to discover the set of keywords that’ll give you the best chance of landing your site on the first page of Google search results

4) Turn your winning keywords into great, search-engine optimized articles that address the needs of your target audience (alternatively, I can train your in-house writers to do so.)

5) Use my extensive white-hat link-building network to drive natural and relevant backlinks to your content strictly from high-authority websites that Google holds in high regard.

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