Kaius Meskanen

Kaius Meskanen

“I believe in success through delivering superior value for partners with advanced technology”

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, learning principles of success through innovation, hard work and understanding my customers. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed pushing my limits and thinking of how to make the world a better place with new disruptive ideas.

A few fun stories I like to share about my personal journey: Winning a UNESCO singing contest in Sydney Opera House at the age of 13, exploring 71 countries (mostly as a young backpacker), mastering 9 languages, serving in Finnish Special Forces, getting a master’s degree in architecture and finally being CEO and founder of businesses since the age of 18.

Designing & delivering over 200 products while running an architecture studio taught me how to deliver outcomes that make customers happy and how to design innovative products that are beautiful, functional and add value to everyday life.

Building on that experience, I founded Choicely to help businesses better engage and monetize their fan bases using highly advanced mobile apps. We developed Choicely to enable our customers to tell their stories for the Instagram generation on their own platforms through native mobile apps, that people use over 4 hours daily. Our hard work has paid off in the form of exceptional client success stories on 6 continents.

I believe in superior values and positive impact. Since 2011, I’ve been supporting Innoschool, a company developing Leonardo Academy – an AI-Powered learning platform that enables accelerated learning and produces advanced learning outcomes. Successful delivery of high-quality education is the most effective way of delivering a positive impact on the world through our future generations.

I’m always happy to connect with people, feel free to reach out!

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