Joseph Kahn

Joseph Kahn

Joseph Kahn has decided to make it his mission to upgrade the internet and make it a better place.

He feels somewhat responsible for it.

As a person with Asperger syndrome, he came to realize how important analytical and pattern recognizing skills would become in his tech and data journey.

Having a knack to see solutions before they become problems, lead to winning multiple technology awards, and stuffing bank accounts abroad.

With that said, the main problem today is the DIY culture that ravished the internet with poor performing sites and completely trash information mucking up databases and traffic.

This, in turn, costs companies tons of money and resources that are completely hidden.

Google exists to tighten this up.

He considers Google his friend and partner.

He sees the internet now as a dirty fog.

SEO to him is like clean emissions.

We have to clean it up to see results.

With Google’s help, we can create better content that not only performs better but actually does what you need it to do: PERFORM and CONVERT!

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