Jonathan Dunn

Jonathan Dunn

Jonathan is an executive and high-performance coach who helps individuals and corporate teams achieve greater success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. He has facilitated strategic planning retreats, leadership collaborations, and workshops for clients across a wide range of industries. Jonathan believes that human capital is the foundation for corporate success, and he strives to create dynamic cultures that lead to profitable, scalable, and sustainable businesses.

Jonathan is also an award-winning public speaker and corporate facilitator, known for his engaging and memorable presentations on topics ranging from internal corporate communication to creative inspiration. Prior to his coaching career, Jonathan owned a successful wellness center and gym in Winter Park, Florida for over 15 years. With his passion for helping people achieve their dreams, Jonathan is dedicated to making work fun and engaging for as many people as possible by delivering world-class training and empowering his clients to become their best selves.

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