Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Hello, I’m Jimmy Kim, the CEO and Founder of Sendlane. My journey with Sendlane began in 2013 when it was created as an internal tool. However, recognizing its potential, we launched it as an independent business in August 2017. Today, Sendlane is a unified platform providing email, SMS, and reviews for eCommerce businesses, helping them connect and engage better with their customers.

Sendlane’s potential was acknowledged by both Five Elms Capital and Zing Capital, who backed us in our seed, Series A, B, and C funding rounds. This endorsement from prominent venture capital firms is a testament to our continuous growth and commitment to innovation in the eCommerce sphere.

I’m proud to be leading Sendlane, where we continuously strive to enhance customer communication and engagement for eCommerce businesses, leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytics. Our mission is to empower businesses to cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers.

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