Grant Simmons

Grant Simmons

Grant Simmons is a seasoned SEO consultant and strategist renowned for his expertise in building meaningful organic traffic, enhancing content marketing views, and driving agency growth. With over 35 years of experience in marketing, Grant has honed his skills in digital channels, focusing on collaborative SEO consulting, leadership, agency organization, and performance-based successes.

He has significantly impacted local, national, and international companies and organizations. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Grant’s influence extends far beyond his immediate locality, as he is a respected speaker, author, and judge at various US/UK Search & Agency Awards, passionately believing that *Culture is Everything!*.

Grant’s career is marked by his commitment to sharing knowledge and educating others.

He has been a featured speaker at prestigious institutions and conferences worldwide, including UCLA Anderson School of Business and events like Pubcon, Brighton SEO, and SMX. His insights have enriched various national media publications and popular search & marketing podcasts, covering multiple topics from digital marketing to agency operations.

Notably, Grant’s journey includes significant roles such as Senior Producer at TGIF Productions, working with major brands like M&M/Mars and GE, and founding Simmonet Marketing in 2001, which, under his leadership, grew substantially. His expertise in SEO, content strategy, and digital brand building has been instrumental in his roles, including VP of Brand & Communications at Diamond Resorts International and Sr. Director at The Search Agency.

His impact at as the SEO and performance marketing team leader is a testament to his ability to drive targeted traffic and generate quality leads. Grant’s specialty lies in SEO, content marketing, and providing strategic support to enhance marketing initiatives across various online channels.

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