Duke Sayer

Duke Sayer

Are you a life coach who’s brilliant at what you do?

Do you ever feel like there’s something deeper to understand about what your clients going through?

Do you sometimes find you’re wasting time going to event after event, reading book after book, as you can feel there’s something deeper to understand?

Would you like a proven way of understanding where any challenge you or your client are experiencing comes from?

And crucially, would you like to learn this from the comfort of your own home online or at an intensive in-person learning space?

Over the years, I’ve helped healers, coaches, and Souls on the beautiful journey of awakening discover why everything happened to them. The technique allows you to tune into anything that is showing up in your life or that of your clients and what the lessons are that your Soul is looking for you to understand at that moment

My system is super simple and effective – anyone can learn it, no matter their previous experience.

So if you love to help others or want to help yourself understand why life is showing up the way it is… and…

If you want accountability, coaching, and a deeper understanding, then The Sayer Method course is for you

The Sayer Method course opens 3 x a year and is a group coaching program with daily training videos, group calls, buddy work, and more in an online community.

I absolutely love this experience as a Soul we call life and understanding all the aspects of The Game we’ve signed up for.

After experiencing abuse of all kinds as a child, I was looking for the answers to WHY these things had happened to me. Once I finally found something that worked and transformed all areas of my life, I knew I had to share it.

So if you’re ready to understand why everything in your life (or your client’s life) is showing up the way it is…

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