David Tintner

David Tintner

David Tintner is the CEO at ThoughtLeaders, where his mission is to incentivize and encourage high-quality, long-form content. 

ThoughtLeaders has quickly become the leader in sponsorship intelligence, providing data and insights on digital content sponsorships for brands and publishers. 

He had several entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Most notably, in 2012 he co-founded a competitive intelligence SaaS platform, TapDog, which was acquired by SimilarWeb. 

He went on to work as a senior developer and team leader at SimilarWeb.

He’s always been passionate about creating content. 

He co-founded the popular design blog, Hacking UI, hosted a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, and ran The Side Project Accelerator, an online course and mentoring program about building side projects, establishing a personal brand and make passive income.

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