Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is a seasoned podcast consultant and coach with a rich history of helping entrepreneurs and small businesses launch and grow their podcasts. With his work through the School of Podcasting since April 2005, Dave has become an authority in the podcasting world, offering services that range from one-on-one training to complete podcast creation. His practical advice covers everything from podcast strategy and equipment selection to mentorship and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth podcasting journey for his clients.

An alumnus of The University of Akron, Dave leverages his experience to aid in podcast planning, launch, growth, and monetization. He prides himself on helping clients sound professional while on a budget, providing a personalized roadmap to avoid common podcasting pitfalls. With a hands-on approach, Dave ensures that podcasting headaches and disappointments are a thing of the past for his clients, guiding them toward sustainable podcast growth and success.

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