Angie Colee

Angie Colee

Why hello there! I’m Angie, a heavily-tattooed rocker turned entrepreneurial coach and force of nature. In my journey from cubicle copywriter to badass business owner I’ve…

– Done dozens of copy and consulting contracts under my own freelance banner

– Coached hundreds of creative freelancers through finding clients, and landing (and confidently fulfilling on) the gig

– Strategized and written multiple multi-million dollar launches, including two during the COVID-19 pandemic

– Made over $50MM in direct-to-consumer sales with my work

– Drove the crowd wild and got standing ovations with speaking and singing engagements (that counts, right?)

And I’m just getting started.

Since I walked away from my day job, I’ve worked with some pretty cool people and accomplished some pretty rad shit. I’ve:

– Created strategies and promos for companies like Masterclass, Copy Chief, The Hustle, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Product Launch Formula.

– Promoted and spoken at events for thousands of attendees from all over the world.

– Rocked out on stage, belting out tunes with my writing heroes (including direct response marketing legends John Carlton, Kevin Rogers, and Parris Lampropolous)

– Traveled extensively. I’ve worked (and played) in Colombia, Fiji, and cities all over the United States.

In fact, I’m currently a digital nomad trekking from Airbnb to Airbnb in search of adventure and a place that feels like “home”.

I learned a lot on my journey. Now, I want to help you skip the hardest parts, and go directly to confidently strutting your stuff.

Because your stuff kicks ass.

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