Andrew Calderella

Andrew Calderella

Andrew was born in Detroit, Michigan USA on March 18, 1966.

He is not someone that you would have expected to have started companies and written books.

He was born with a lazy eye which made him legally blind in one eye, dyslexia and other “learning disabilities” so he struggled with reading, writing and arithmetic.

Little was known about “learning disabilities” at the time so learning and adapting to life’s challenges at an early age was difficult.

He learned to compensate and even became an avid reader and listener to books with a lot of extra effort on his part, the support of his mother, sister, a special teacher, and aid from services for the blind and handicapped.

It’s also important to note that along with these disabilities came some great gifts that allowed him to do and see things others could not.

He went on to not only graduate from high school as the Vice President of the student body but went on to earn degrees in Speech & Communications, Religious Studies, & Eastern Philosophy.

Throughout his life, Andrew has always worked hard even if no one will see or know about it.

He has won many accolades throughout his career and is known as an innovator, a deep and out of the box thinker and someone who gets the job done.

He started working when he was very young.

At various times he was a paper boy, lifeguard, swimming teacher, gas station attendant, construction worker, stock boy, cashier, appliance repairman, handyman, gardener, janitor, dishwasher, landscaper, food server, personal trainer, security guard/bouncer, martial arts and self-defense teacher, cook, furniture mover, teleprompter operator, teacher, salesman, sales manager, IT manager, recruiter, recruiter manager, marketer, trainer, public speaker, business partner, business owner, startup developer, website programmer, internet marketing and SEO expert, founder, owner and CEO of Consulting Ace Inc. and now the author of The Way & founder of The 7th Foundation.

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