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Updating SEO Skills: Strategies for Staying Current and Relevant

Published by <p><p>Learning is essential, but only for finding the door that you should open with practice.</p> <p>You can test various methods and fail before finding the one or two things that work for you.</p> <p>In addition, SEOs often adapt and change generic methods according to the specific preferences of each project.</p> </p>
Finding SEO Customers

Finding SEO Customers: Strategies for Acquiring New Clients

Published by <p><p>Finding new clients as a salesperson in the world of SEO can be challenging, especially with the constant changes and updates to s earch engine algorithms.</p> <p>However, by leveraging social media effectively, being present at events as an attendee or speaker, and using email marketing, you can connect with potential clients and offer your expertise to help them navigate the dynamic landscape of SEO.</p> </p>
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The Best Tips for Selling SEO

Published by <p><p>One morning, I awoke to see the news that Google had implemented a major update to their search algorithm.</p> <p>With a quick review of the biggest traffic losers online, I found my target client and sold the m a full technical and content audit. After implementing some recommendations, the client began to not only rebound, but to increase their ranking and visibility.</p> <p>The results were fantastic and it was all achieved with access to publicly available data — and that is when I realized that SEO is unique because you can diagnose your prospective client’s problems before you even pick up the phone or jump on a Zoom.</p> </p>
Creating Brand Awareness on Social Media

Social Media Brand Awareness: Building Your Online Presence

Published by <p><p>Most customers check out social media before buying products because they’re looking for more information about the company, seeing how existing customers feel about the brand, or perhaps seeking discounts to incentivize them to make a purchase.</p> <p>Social media platforms are great for creating brand awareness and getting traffic from alternative channels. Social media presence entails more success for opening-friendly websites in the top 10 results.</p> </p>
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Link Building Strategies: Why You Should Include Guest Posting

Published by <p><p>Guest blogging is an effective way to spread your brand's message and promote your company's growth, which is why it has become so popular in digital marketing.</p> <p>Sharing your knowledge on other businesses' blogs is a great way to gain credibility as an industry expert, network with other influential people, and introduce your name to a wider audience.</p> </p>
Using Digital PR for SEO

Using Digital PR for SEO

Published by <p><p>SEO and digital PR are both crucial factors in any online marketing campaign's success.</p> <p>Many people think of digital PR as just another SEO link building technique. Although both share similar goals, they are not one in the same. However, they do go hand in hand.</p> <p>Digital PR is the best possible way to acquire white-hat, quality backlinks that can effectively boost your SEO efforts.</p> </p>
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Benefits of Adding CTAs and Internal Links in Link Building

Published by <p><p>Link building is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it involves creating internal and external links to improve a website's ranking on search engines like Google.</p> <p>Adding CTAs and internal links is an effective way to build links and improve the ranking of your website on search engines. CTAs help to direct visitors to specific pages, while internal links help to give weight to your traffic pages and provide a better user experience.</p> </p>
White Hat Link Building

White Hat Link Building: 5 Tips to Earn Links

Published by <p><p>In today's digital world, backlinks are one of search engines' most important ranking factors.</p> <p>White hat link building is essential to any successful SEO strategy. It helps increase the credibility and reputation of your website and can significantly improve your search engine ranking.</p> <p>Using natural methods and techniques to earn high-quality links, you can create a strong foundation for your website's online presence.</p> </p>
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How Often Should You Conduct Technical Audits?

Published by <p><p>Technical audits are absolutely essential to a website’s success.</p> <p>Most people know this, but one question I get a lot from my team is: “how often should we do technical audits?”</p> <p>For some sites, you can fix up the technical issues and leave the site alone for months without running an audit. However, there are other types of sites where you may run an audit daily or weekly on the site.</p> <p>Why?</p> <p>Let's explore this question and more below.</p> </p>
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Step-by-Step Technical SEO Checklist: Ensuring Optimal Website Performance

Published by <p><p>I’ve spent years running technical search engine optimization audits, and one thing I want you to know is that you need a checklist. Why?</p> <p>Creating processes and procedures help you get through technical SEO much faster than without them. When I first started out, I didn’t use checklists, but the one I’m sharing with you I created out of necessity. You can use it for your own technical SEO.</p> </p>
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Technical Audit for Large Websites: Best Practices and Methodologies

Published by <p><p>Big sites, which have thousands of potential pages, can have so many things go wrong with them.</p> <p>I recommend starting your audit with the most impactful issues that technical SEO involves.</p> <p>A site that focuses on technical SEO has an advantage when trying to rank than a domain that isn’t.</p> </p>
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Website Migration: Preparation and Implementation Best Practices

Published by <p><p>Website migrations are difficult. People underestimate the migration process and then their site ends up in shambles. You'll lose traffic. Pages won’t work. A bad migration is a nightmare.</p> <p>I’m sharing my personal plan below to help you migrate a site the right way, save money on having someone else fix issues, and have an overall better experience.</p> </p>