Tas Bober

Tas Bober

Tas Bober is a recognized leader in B2B digital marketing, particularly in the paid ads landing page strategy for growth-stage B2B SaaS companies. Over a commendable 15-year career, Tas has established herself as an expert in driving significant growth and efficiency in digital marketing. She has played a pivotal role in generating a 235% increase in digital-sourced revenue, optimizing websites to drive 30% more conversions, and saving 30% operational costs for his clients. Her expertise has benefited numerous high-profile companies, including Intel, Target, Mazda, US Bank, and Victoria’s Secret. Tas stands out for his focus on addressing common challenges his clients face, such as low-performing websites, lack of strategic paid digital programs, and inadequate measurement of digital program impact, often experienced by growth-stage B2B SaaS companies.

At the helm of Delphinium Solutions, Tas Bober offers a comprehensive suite of services to redefine digital marketing strategies for high-growth B2B companies. Her approach involves creating and executing a digital roadmap to capture high-intent leads, enhancing operational efficiencies, and providing transparent, impactful reporting from platform to pipeline metrics. Under her leadership, Delphinium Solutions specializes in website strategy, growth, and optimization, alongside developing high-impact content strategies and business intelligence. Tas’s expertise also extends to demand creation through online reputation and thought leadership and drives organic and paid growth via various channels like paid search and LinkedIn advertising. Her skill set is particularly beneficial to founders and heads of marketing at B2B SaaS companies who seek to transform their digital marketing efforts, especially those struggling with lead generation, money-pit digital programs, and limited digital knowledge. Tas’s work is a testament to her profound understanding of the digital landscape and his ability to translate this into tangible business results.

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