Stela Yordanova

Stela Yordanova

I am an innovative website strategy leader with a strong background in marketing analytics and digital marketing. With a proven track record of adapting and excelling across diverse industries, I specialize in developing website strategies and project roadmaps that drive website traffic and improve visitor engagement through successful data measurement and insights.

My expertise in marketing analytics, conversion rate optimization, and content development has delivered metric-verified increases in organic rankings, brand awareness, and sales. I manage cross-functional team projects to maintain and grow web marketing presence and experience.

Specializing in website roadmaps and strategic planning, data visualization and bespoke reports and dashboards, data storytelling through digital analytics, and data measurement and testing, I have experience working with various platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, HotJar, Salesforce, Terminus, Engagio, Demandbase, and more.

I am also skilled in keyword research and analysis, content optimization, competitive assessment, website structure and architecture, and website development project management. With my ability to tell compelling stories through digital analytics, I help companies make informed decisions that lead to measurable growth and success.

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