Piyanka Jain

Piyanka Jain

I help companies struggling to leverage their data! At Aryng, we are changing the world one company at a time using statistical methods, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI.

Data is the new currency, and data literacy is the language of the business.

We help clients transform their business by monetizing their Data through

  1. Data Science consulting,
  2. Data literacy and analytics training for the enterprise,
  3. Data engineering for data science readiness

My bio –

  1. I have 20 years of experience in putting data to work.
  2. I have two masters’ degrees; my thesis involved applied statistics and mathematics, and my final project was on AI.
  3. My last corporate role was as the head of business analytics for PayPal- North America.
  4. I write for Forbes, HBR, and many other publications
  5. I have written two books – One of them – “Behind Every Good decision,” became as Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Data Science
  6. I keynote at significant business and data science conferences in the US as well as internationally
  7. I am the creator of the framework called BADIR, which is fast becoming the data science framework for many global organizations like Google, Comcast, Regeneron, and others.

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