Oriane Wiser

Oriane Wiser

Oriane Wiser stands at the forefront of advocating and managing sustainable business practices, intricately intertwining her work with impactful Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, data analytics, and water management. As a Program Manager at the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES), she doesn’t just navigate the realms of sustainability; she immerses herself in them, guiding businesses toward achieving and transparently tracking their sustainability milestones. The GSES platform, recognized for enabling members to thoroughly and transparently track their sustainability accomplishments, reflects Oriane’s steadfast commitment to marrying innovative technology and sustainability principles.

Additionally, Oriane doesn’t merely restrict her expertise to her managerial role; she extrapolates it to create a tangible impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) frontier at Data for Good. Her daily tasks are not simple errands but resonate with a greater purpose, embodying her relentless pursuit to drive sustainability and ethically responsible practices within the entrepreneurial landscape. Oriane’s engagement, thereby, doesn’t just stop with managing programs but trickles down to ensuring that sustainability is not just a term but a practiced norm in business environments.

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