Mike Loveridge

Mike Loveridge

Digital marketing leader, conversion optimization influencer, analytics expert, and creative guru.

Builder of elite conversion rate optimization programs

  • Industry guru with a track record of building and running world-class programs
  • Runs a tight ship with emphasis on strategy, velocity, scale, and ROI
  • Known for fostering a culture of collaboration

Track record of strong conversion rate gains

  • Average ~50% global win rate, where the norm is 10-20%

A unique Conversion Rate Optimization talent

  • Perfect schooling, and work experience for conversion rate optimization.

-Degree in statistics and math

-MBA from a top-20 full-time program

-Former Research Assistant for a leader in retail forecasting models (Michael Geurts.)

-Work experience has included pricing, marketing strategy, research, and analytics

  • Left and right brained. Analytical and also highly creative.
  • Elite. One of the best in the world at CRO. Have been invited to speak at many of the big CRO conferences.

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