Max Branstetter

Max Branstetter

Max Branstetter is a distinguished figure in the podcasting world, known for his expertise in creating engaging and professional audio content. As the founder and podcast producer at MaxPodcasting, Max has been pivotal in transforming the podcast landscape since September 2020.

Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, he has carved out a niche by producing high-quality podcasts catering to the unique needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. His approach is centered around understanding his clients’ time constraints and challenges, offering them a solution that amplifies their brand’s voice without overwhelming their schedules.

Among his notable achievements is the production and hosting of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, a series that delves into the stories of entrepreneurs achieving remarkable growth through innovative ideas. This podcast has not only garnered critical acclaim, featuring in the Podcast Magazine Hot 50 but has also amassed over 170 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts and ranked in the top 30 in the Entrepreneurship category.

Max’s diverse portfolio includes successful projects like ‘The 3-1-3 Challenge with Ryan Foland’, ‘The Marketing Playbook with Mark Friedman, and many others, reflecting his adaptability and skill in creating content that resonates across various audiences. His commitment to delivering excellence in podcast production makes him a sought-after figure in the digital content creation.

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