Madalena (Maddie) Costa

Madalena (Maddie) Costa

Maddie is a Growth Marketer, Global Speaker, Course Creator, Social Media Manager.

She is the go-to person when it comes to transform a business you are proud of, with the growth you are ready for.

She’ll help you generate more business by developing simple strategies and a few key pointers based on a personalized growth marketing strategy.

Here is what her client had to say:

“Maddie is someone you definitely want in your back pocket.

To kick-off, she’s crazy talented.

The way she swaps numbers into a new social media approach is beyond amazing.

Her advice is always on point, easy to follow, and brings in the result.

This lady definitely knows her stuff.

In everything she does, you can feel her passion to make social media work for you.

Besides this, Maddie is such an inspiring, authentic and fun lady.

I can’t get enough of her!”

– Nora Noelle Brown, Mindset Coach

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