Lyndsay Phillips

Lyndsay Phillips

Lyndsay Phillips is a seasoned expert in the intricate world of podcasting, merging tenacious dedication with a rich palette of industry knowledge to facilitate podcasting success for hosts and guests alike. With a keen understanding of the substantial investment that podcasting demands – in time, resources, team, and finances – she’s sculpted a haven at Smooth Business Podcasting, a content marketing firm that goes several notches above by not just producing exemplary podcasts, but ardently leveraging them through specialized systems to skyrocket visibility and establish you as the go-to expert in your field.

Steering the helm with a profound belief in alleviating project management pressures from your shoulders and ensuring that your podcast content is skillfully and exhaustively leveraged, Lyndsay extends a peaceful mind and a robust ROI to you. Her finely curated Podcast Leverage System and Podcast Guest Leverage System are not merely strategies; they are a promise to navigate you through the dynamic podcasting landscape, ensuring that your investment reaps the prolific visibility and leads it genuinely deserves.

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