Jonathan Pipek

Jonathan Pipek

Jonathan Pipek is a dynamic leader in the realm of B2B SaaS product marketing, celebrated for his expertise in crafting compelling go-to-market strategies and nurturing cross-functional team dynamics.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Jonathan stands as the Director of Product Marketing at Blue Manta Consulting, where he advises and consults SaaS companies, helping them not only establish their go-to-market strategy but also accelerate growth and reduce churn. His approach to product marketing is likened to the meticulous artistry of a top chef, crafting the perfect meal, blending creativity with strategic insight.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jonathan is recognized for his significant impact in the field.

He has successfully led teams to launch multiple cybersecurity SaaS products, increasing average deal sizes and reducing support costs significantly.

His expertise also extends to AI tools and national product launches, consistently boosting revenues and enhancing sales strategies.

As a regular contributor to the Product Marketing Alliance and a mentor for product marketing managers through ADPList, Jonathan shares his wealth of knowledge, helping shape the next generation of marketing professionals.

His diverse skill set encompasses storytelling, positioning, market research, customer journey mapping, pricing, sales enablement, and co-marketing, making him a versatile and influential figure in the world of B2B SaaS marketing.

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