John Ainsworth

John Ainsworth

John Ainsworth brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table to amplify online course revenue through innovative email marketing and funnel strategies. With a knack for orchestrating impactful content marketing initiatives, John doesn’t just stop at mere theory; he has successfully planned and organized a diverse range of marketing ventures, including webinars, blogs, email courses, workshops, and presentations, escalating campaign results by a remarkable 75%. His profound understanding of digital landscapes enables him to develop strategies that draw leads and ensure they embark on a carefully curated customer journey, maximizing engagement and conversion.

Strategic partnerships and digital marketing campaigns don’t just happen; they require an adept understanding of the market and an intrinsic knowledge of customer behaviors, which John has demonstrated throughout his career. Having developed strategic partnerships for clients, contributing to hundreds of thousands in revenue, and executed digital marketing campaigns that attracted tens of thousands of leads, his methods are tried, tested, and truly effective. With a decade’s experience in B2B sales, running parallel with client campaign management, and leading a remote digital marketing team to achieve award-winning results, John seamlessly blends strategic foresight with practical execution to enhance revenue and lead generation.

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