Janette Burke

Janette Burke

Executive Producer, Janette Burke Productions, Host/Creator of the 4-time award-winning online lifestyle show Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast (in Season 11, with over 500 aired episodes), Media Personality, Interviewer, Producer, TV Show/Podcast Host, On-Camera Trainer, and Former Publicist, Janette Burke left the studios behind with only 700 Facebook followers to build a world-wide audience of over 5 million.

A trailblazer who embraced streaming over traditional network television when it wasn’t popular to do so, Janette has interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers, influencers, and experts in various fields.

She knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. In addition to interviewing, Janette trains CEOs, C-Suite Level executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, book authors, speakers and content creators who as the face of their business and brand, want to garner more media attention, how to tell & sell their story in soundbites, improve their presentation, performance & communication skills on-camera (for media, pod & webcast interviews, videos, and LIVES), and on-stage.

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